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miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

The bigger the better, you know how we say "Everything is bigger in Tejas" well back in 1994 our generation would have pride in our "chongos" involving prints like Tweety and Taz, perfect combination of Aqua Net and Tears :'( Not to mention the throbbing headaches and chinked out eyes -_-


Now, as far as Im concerned, I remember those tears and the choking fumes of Aqua Net and I prefer Scrunchies over the "Bolitas".... SCRUNCHIES are by far the best invention for youngin's and you can rep' em on your wrist!
I supported them way too much that I remember getting a DIY Kit for Scrunchies on Christmas day and I loved it.
We should all bring back the Scrunchies!! ^_^ -jaqueez

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